My views on net Nutrality

I am a fan of using the internet and its many sources of information and media. I use it to conduct my study’s, watch videos on You Tube, communicate on Facebook and play video games. A good question is what if someone wanted to profit by making it more difficult for me to use Facebook in order to force me to use Twitter more, what if someone wanted to charge Netflix for delivering video streaming services to me. Well good thing there is no such person for now.

The case is there are among the I.S.P.s (internet service providers) who are the service we pay each month to give us access to the web. For a while many forms of documentation have been brought to governments to grant powers to I.S.P.s to allow control of the flow of information. This means if the I.S.P. does not like a particular site that is a service or a source of information they can lower the service the I.S.P. conducts for the site. In a sense if I had high speed internet but I start lagging on a page for a history site.

This development even if it does not seem entirely major it actually  is and can have some devastating effects that can go on for years into the future. We would not only have to face connection problems caused by the forces of nature taking down telephone poles but we would have the face problems from the individuals responsible for keeping those poles standing. What is worse of all is that we can lose the freedom of speech the internet gives us. The internet gives the population the ability to speak as whole and think as whole which makes it a development that can follow Gutenberg s printing press.

A pay-wall on our speech should not be allowed in my opinion. Speech is our most powerful weapon against oppression ever since the revolutions in the past to the corrupt governments in third world countries today. The internet is greatest amplifier for speech and it should stay that way. Apart from freedoms the world of business will be affected as many web based and small business that rely on web services can go bankrupt if another company is charging them to run their company.

I have pointed out that I am not a fan of I.S.P.s having all that control and would like if things would stay the way they are. The problem that surround net neutrality is that not many people know what it is and how it affects us. I have included a video from You Tube that will shed more light on net neutrality.


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