The Evil Within (Game Review)

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I love playing big survival horror games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dead Space because of the atmosphere in such games , The Evil Within can be added to that list as it does deliver on that atmosphere. The Evil Within is the latest big survival horror game on the market and is the only notable horror game out this year apart from the numerous indie games that have taken over the genre.

Here’s a trailer for the game (warning : might be terrifying for people who don’t like watching scary movies & its for over 18)

In The Evil Within you play a man named Sebastian Castellanos a detective who arrives at a crime scene where he finds fellow officers killed along with the victims. Sebastion is then attacked by a suspect and wakes up somewhere that is not his own world. The games objective from there is to survive the nightmarish threats of the world you find yourself in.

The game is very hard to play in the beginning as you start off with no weapons to defend yourself. The most common enemy you face in the game are possessed people who are armed with all sorts of blades while resembling zombies. In the early levels a player should refrain from combat as much as possible and try to sneak past as many foes as possible. later levels a player will have more weapons and will be required to dispose of foes.

The game looks beautiful with its graphics and the game plays smoothly. The game includes puzzles which vary in difficulty of being easy or difficult. Every puzzle if you fail comes with a very harsh consequence in the form of a trap that will instantly kill you. There are traps you have to deal with outside of puzzles which mainly include bombs and trip wires you have to disarm.

The possessed people even if they are scary looking they don’t really terrify me as much as the bosses which are the games best feature. They make the game scary because they are nearly impossible to beat and can kill you in one it. My favourith boss is the keeper who will come back from the dead if you defeat him with only running being your only option when dealing with him. Other bosses share that characteristic of coming back but he was the most memorable.



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