why are streaming services so popular.


In recent years it is noticeable that streaming services such as Netflix have become extremely popular in the recent 3 years. Some people wonder why this is the case. I read a paper recently as part of a course and it mentioned an idea of a super complex society. I believe that concept is the reason for the recent popularity of streaming services.

According to the paper a super complex society is a society where an individuals life is too complicated to put into routine meaning you cant plan your day. Services like T.V. that run on schedule lose their influence due to the fact that a portion of their viewers cant meet the routine. Streaming services can be used anytime the user is free thus a streaming service can a apply in the super complex society. There is a second reason and that is the availability of content.

Streaming services are popular cause you have access to content. The content may be about five years old and not shown on T.V. anymore or It has not been on T.V. in your country. A good example of what I just mentioned is how Breaking Bad has not been on any T.V. station in my area yet everyone watches it due to streaming services. Its not only video type streaming that has this but its the same with books for similar reasons.

The popularity is also due to the improvements in networks to provide quality streaming however this is not available in all areas. A lot of areas don’t have fiber or other reliable networking standards for streaming. Even though it is only a subscription fee for services you can be charged for using your allowance of gigabytes for the month by your provider. With more improvements in networking, streaming will only continue to get more popular.


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