Using Mind Maps In Study

I had an archaeology test a month ago. While studying for the test itself I gathered my notes on the subject and put them into a mind map format. I had two weeks before the test and I just downloaded a mind mapping tool called X-Mind onto my laptop so I decided to make the mind maps during free periods.


I expected in when I made the mind maps certain things would stick as I type the notes into their spaces. I also expected that it would not take me long to do each map and read over it. I had other ways of studying for the test and wished at the the time to try those methods in my spare time as well. In the end I did get a good score in the test but I did have some problems with the mind mapping I should address.

Firstly the maps took a lot of time to make, I would have spent between an one or two hours on each mind map when I was expecting around forty minutes. That problem would have been due to the content which leads to the second problem of the map becoming too cluttered too easily. Thirdly it did not make revision easier but it still helps with learning like notes would for a student.

I think the problems where mainly caused by the amount of content I put into each map which made me spend more time making the maps then using them for revision. I would have been wiser to make them as each section of the course ended meaning they would have been on hand. It wasn’t all bad even though I used the mind maps I still got above the average test score meaning it in some way worked.


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