Far Cry 4 (Game Review)

far cry 4

I had been playing it in my spare time for the last month and have been enjoying playing far cry 4 which is the latest open world shooter from Ubisoft. Far Cry 4 lives up to Far Cry 3 in most aspects but it very different in terms of story and the environment in the game.

The game is based in made up country called Kyrat which is in the vicinity of the Himalaya mountains. The country is at civil war between the dictator of the country and rebels. The main character Ajay is travelling to Kyrat to spread his mothers ashes at a town she used to live in. When in Kyrat you are kidnapped by the dictator Pagin Min but are rescued by the rebels in the first level. Your objective is to survive and get your mothers ashes spread while trying to avoid Pagin Mins army.

The game has a lot of weapons to chose from including a harpoon gun and in terms of vehicles you can use a car or elephants as transport. One new aspect I like about the games is the ability to climb mountain using mountain climbing equipment. The other thing I should note is that the game is very graphically beautiful and this impresses at particular moments of the game. I like the dictator Pagin Min he is a good villain for the game and he is very humorous.

What I don’t like is that it is very easy to die from falling in early parts of the game. I don’t like the choice options in the game very much because it seems your are not making the right decision either way, I also dislike the lack of split screen co-op. I would give Far Cry 4 a eight out of ten.


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