The use for MMO’s in education. (part 1)

MMO’s such as “World of Warcraft” have been around for many years now and they continue to get more and more complex as a genre in terms of game play. In more recent years MMO’s have been seen as having educational potential in providing students with skills necessary in the real world.

I would have to agree with these claims as I have played MMO’s for myself and I can say they do have educational potential if actions where taken to do so. if certain procedures were taken upon the game and the students using it then the MMO would become a educational device that can be very helpful in completing task that are already difficult in the classroom.A great question is what makes a MMO suitable for learning.

Also known as MMORPG’s these games introduce its user to a interactive dynamic virtual environment. What makes an MMO dynamic compared to other games is that the world is not filled with A.I. but other players who are playing the game. The game is very hard to master even for people well versed in video games, this scenario is because as you level up in the game things change while your still learning how to play, if you reach max level in a lot of MMO’s you are still learning new things. you can call this learning how to play the game while playing the game and it is not only what the game teaches you but what you have to teach yourself.

By what I mean teach yourself is that you have to learn during certain missions in the game how to do something on your own. An example of this is the games dungeon type missions where four players are paired together to take on a number of bosses, each boss having a trick to it. When the players fight a boss they would more then likely fail and have to try again.

What does this have to do with learning in education you may ask well because they failed they learned and tried again and failed again. The more they failed the more they learned and so eventually they got it right based on what they learned. What I am pointing out here is that they learned from failing the thing multiple times. If you fail something in the educational environment you just go on so literally you skipped the boss and didn’t learn anything that you can use later.

I believe if a system was put where a student can redo a test or such in a way like fighting a boss in an MMO then we could have students retain the knowledge rather then let it slip back out. When I was in secondary I would have loved if such a system was applied in some of my subjects such as maths.


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