The use for MMO’s in education (part 2)

I talked about in my previous post how the retrying a task in a MMO helps a person to learn from their mistakes and learn about what they are dealing with better. Now I want to talk about the teamwork aspects of MMO’s and how they can be applied to the learning environment.

Teamwork is essential in college and when we are in the real world afterwards. In the schools teamwork is not one of the key goals concerned in the development of a student it is only learning a set amount of knowledge that is all. In school usually get the odd ten minutes every one or two weeks where a group would get to get together and do some small task. Teamwork in most other aspects of school life is considered cheating.If it was directly copying each others work I would consider it as cheating but if it is two people trying to complete a task together I would not call it cheating I would refer to it as team based learning.

In terms of MMO’s teamwork can be thought greatly in missions that require a team of people to complete. In the game a person can form a guild in the game which is like a organisation of players. Guilds can be made up of between twenty to a thousand players and the operations of these organisations vary on the game. Some guilds want to complete team based missions, form a business within the game like a co-operative in the real business world and just for fun.

The team based missions have bosses that are so difficult that it requires a team of people with a plan to complete. The first of these types of missions are known as dungeons where a team of four people with a different roles try to complete a task. There are usually three roles in MMO’s for all players when you start the game you choose your role and are stuck with it. The team will face a boss and likely lose repeatedly till they can learn and make a plan to win. The team would have to take some time discussing a plan before they execute and usually one player is required to keep track of the plan while the task is carried out.

The ability to discuss things in such a way is what is important here because in the real world it is very difficult for people on a team to go with a plan. The lack of ability to discuss things is the problem because it is usually a case of the first plan being the best plan. If they don’t discuss a plan thoroughly then they will have problems and that is why a ability to discuss is important. These co-operative missions in MMO’s can give people the ability to discuss a plan thoroughly and can deal with the problems of frustration that usually occur in real world discussions.


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