The use of MMO’s in education (part 4)

MMO’s in terms of how the user plays it on a computer can be applied in the learning of computers in all. There is so much people don’t know about computers until they find themselves in a computer course in college. I know personally a lot of people who know only to use Microsoft word or those who use it but cant use it well so need help. In second level education we only have been able to use computers for word processing programs and not much else. If you wanted to learn more about computers you had to do it in your free time.

To play an MMO or any game or powerful software on computer you have to learn about the computer and how it works. MMOs experience patches, updates  and such that might change the computer requirements for the game meaning the user must learn to adjust things on their own computer in order to use the MMO they wish to play. They have to learn about the hardware of the machine and know why or not this does not work. Example would be you got a better video card but it does not work but why is because you know that your power supply is not good enough to support it.

The need to play the game encourages to user to learn more about the computer they are using thus learning more about computers. Learning about the parts of the computer such as the processor, RAM and Power supply are part of the basics of a computer course in college and it is good that a student would have a way to use their knowledge outside the classroom. Their are certain things that people can learn with MMO’s but these are not taken by every player such as web design.

A lot of player formed groups in these games known as guild have their own websites for the guilds. These are made by usussally the guild leader. The purpose of making such a site would be to get players to work better together and to spread certain news about the guilds activity’s in the game. To form the site players would need to know HTML and how to manage a website. These skills can benefit a student once he or she is in college or at a workplace involved in computers. Not all players do this but a lot of players are doing this for the sake of making the game more enjoyable.


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