The use of MMO’s in education (part 5 FINAL)

The point of using MMO’s in the classroom is to not make it a all out part of class work but a thing to improve efficiency in the class. There are however gaps to overcome when making a MMO the right technology to use in a classroom. The first of the bridges to cross is the problems of MMO addiction.

MMO addiction is common in around fifty percent of MMO players who spend their free time playing these games. What causes the addiction is based on the person as different reasons people will have different reasons for how they got addicted. In what I have read from some examples addiction could take over some people while they are using an MMO for education. I would consider this a common problem if we put MMO’s into practice but it cant be stopped so it is best that there could be some way to apply it into making education more efficient and I can see that as a possibility.

There is issue that there is a believe that games can lead to certain behaviors that can negatively effect what they will do in real life such as making a player more aggressive or be stereotyping the opposite gender. It is more prominent however that these games do allow a release of aggression. The stereotyping problem is actually real, its is not the game that causes it however it is anonymity on the internet that causes it. How this stereotyping wont happen in a learning environment using a MMO is because it is a learning environment where the teacher will be watching and fellow students. Anonymity is lost when you are in a classroom so this a good reason why stereotyping attitudes wont develop.

The last problem which I would say is the biggest is the school curriculum. A curriculum is a set amount of content established by the schools to teach each day each week on schedule. Problems with using a curriculum have become more prominent in the use of MMO’s in education and other things such as school events, introduction of new subjects, etc. It is really difficult to apply MMO based learning to a classroom because you will have to take time teaching students how to use, explain the students goals and make it manageable with other task they have to handle.

MMO’s have a lot of potential of making the classroom more efficient by creating opportunities for teamwork based learning and improving types of skills that can be used in college and the working world. It still has a while to develop before it can be used in the classroom in such a way, there are problems that have to be dealt with before the method can be used at its full potential. We are in a digital age where technologies are constantly changing, improving and adapting and I believe MMO’s can be the next learning technology.


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