Evolve: Game Review


I never play many games where hunting is an objective but Evolve was one that I had a lot of interest in and decided to try out on the week it came out. Evolve is a alien hunting game where four players on one team are tasked with hunting down a very powerful monster controlled by another player.

Even though the game is multiplayer only the game does have its own story which can be seen in the extraction mode for the game. The game is set on an alien world where colonist are forced to evacuate due to the presence of carnivorous monsters that are threatening to wipe out the colonist. In the week of the evacuation a crew of twelve hunters are tasked with fighting the monster as the colonist evacuate.

The game play for the game is really fun and feels like your our on the hunt when the game begins if you are the human. As the monster you have to devour other creatures in order to increase your strength and ability’s in order to defeat the hunters and wipe out the colonist base. My favorite thing about this game is the number of classes you can pick from both the hunters and the monster.


There are four types of hunters you can play as which are assault who does damage, support who provides defenses and offensives , medic who heals others and trapper who literally traps the monster. For each type of hunter there are 3 characters each with there own types of weapons and gadgets. Along with the Hunters you can play as the monsters who have there unique ability’s.

There are 3 monsters that can be played as in the game the Goliath who is a walking tank that has immense strength and can breath fire. The Kraken who is a flying creature that is capable of electrical attacks and the Wraith which is a creature both me and my brother who have played the game have failed to beat. The wraith has very unique ability’s based on speed and tricks that make it a deadly opponent. The monster has to consume creatures as an objective so it can evolve into a stronger version of the monster. These are known as stages and there are only three and first stage as the monster is usually the hardest to play as.

The game Performs well with good graphics and no frame rate drops that are noticeable on my PC. When finding a game it can take about a minute or two to find a group of players to play with. The worst thing about the game is that the hunters can easily find the monster within the first one or two minutes into the game. If the player who is the monster has not gotten strong enough in the game the hunters can easily win.

My opinion on evolve is that it is a good shooter with some good mechanics and some enjoyable classes. I would rate the game a eight out of ten because it is really good but the difficulty presented by some overpowered elements in the game make it extremely aggressive for both the hunters and the hunted.


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