Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer: Yah its fun


My Brother recently got Battlefield Hardline for the PS4 and I had a few goes of the multiplayer for myself. I can confirm its not the mess that was Battlefield 4 over a year ago. BattleField Hardline is a battlefield game where you are playing cops and robbers instead of soldiers and it manages to still be a Micheal Bay movie in multiplayer.

So what makes it good includes the return of some the levolutions which made a change to the environment of the battlefield. However unlike Battlefield 4 I haven’t found a levolution that is really crazy like an entire skyscraper falling down. The gameplay is smooth and even during levolutions does not suffer extreme problems like in the last battlefield game at launch. Thanks to the smoothness of the gameplay gun fights and driving are more enjoyable and allow anybody to play effectively.

The amount of weapons is amazing for a cop game you have all types of rifles, sub-guns, pistols, snipers and even projectiles to make things interesting. Included with your arsenal is grapple hooks to allow you to climb buildings and the like to give you and advantage.

In playing a game online I feel like I had a lot of fun but some things disagree with me like a few maps which tend to be boring in my opinion compared to the maps that are cities. Most of the modes for the game are great while others can be a tad boring but most of the new modes are actually interesting and I would like to see them in Battlefield 5 if it ever comes out.


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