Using Reclaim Hosting and Drupal: Deploying a Tool

www Recently I have claimed a Domain on Reclaim Hosting and was told deploy one of the many apps available to a domain owner. The App I choose was Drupal which I spent some hours on after deploying. Firstly what is Reclaim Hosting and what is Drupal, Reclaim Hosting is basically buying a name for a website and having a server to function as that website in another part of the world. The need for this is if you have problems getting a server to run your website. The reclaim hosting provides its users with Apps, which use the server you are renting to manage files that are possible webpages and content you want public and this is where Drupal comes in.


Drupal is a content management app according to Reclaim Hosting, the purpose of Drupal is to allow its users to create great web pages and publish content. It can also function as a blog like WordPress. Why I choose Drupal is due to it being recommended to me and it had blogging features that I was interested in. In my research into Drupal I found it is not the most popular app due to the difficulty of making web pages with it, I like a challenge when it comes to software for making projects such as webpages and offers a lot of options. Now I want to discuss my experience with Drupal which was a lot of hard work to achieve what I would call a small time blog. To Deploy Drupal I had to install it by going to the c-panel of reclaim hosting, find my app which was Drupal and install it on my server in reclaim hosting. The first thing I did with Drupal was choosing a Theme for my Drupal site. The Theme I wanted to use for my Drupal page was called the BlueMasters Theme which is a very clean styled theme. What made me want to use the theme was that it is made to be very responsive and adaptable for phones and tablets. I had lots of friends who prefer using a phone to using a computer to browse the web so I don’t want them to leave my site right after visiting it because it has performance issues on their phones. There was a bit of frustration with putting the theme into my server for reclaim hosting so I had to download the files for the theme and upload them to my Drupal themes folder. I opened up the public HTML in reclaim hosting and put the BlueMaster theme into a themes folder for Drupal. When I got the theme working on my site it held some stuff from the developer’s version of the same theme you can find on Drupal. I wanted to change the some items in the Javascript of the theme to make it more personalised. This included changing some words and text the developer of the theme left behind. internet collective Since I was using a reclaim hosting server as a Public HTML I was restricted to changing the code of the theme. This is my major problem with using reclaim hosting which is that it’s very frustrating to change the code of files. This was problem when I wanted to personalise features of the theme such as a slide show that would be displayed. In the end I had to remove these features of the theme and kept the ones I can personalise. Next stage of my Drupal page was to make a post and develop the main page. The article was easy to make but having it show up on my main page was really challenging. I had to create a thing for the main page known as a block and used HTML code to write what would be in my block. In the case of my site I have three blocks on the main page, one for my most recent article which includes and image and a link written in HTML and two other blocks which is a list of links to articles and a block that displays comments. When making the blocks I got involved with various technical problems I had with Drupal that made me very frustrated.

space invader

With all that and some minor tweaks I managed to make a nice site which is . How this will help me in the future is that I can work on my skills with Drupal more to make a better site. Companies hire people who know how to use Drupal to make web pages, if I improved my skills further at some point I can be hired to make a page using Drupal. These companies would be the like of small businesses such as shops and businesses that don’t specialise in working with computers. I will say one thing about Drupal is that it is not for everybody since it is a lot of tedious work to get things going. I talked a lot about how it took me ages to get a working theme for my Drupal site that suited me but that was not the only area I struggled in. I was able to cope with those struggles because I had some knowledge of how to use Drupal I wouldn’t recommend Drupal to people who don’t know much about technology as Drupal is tough to use especially with reclaim hosting. The people who would get the best out of Drupal would be the people who know how to use it to make a site and the businesses that are looking for a way to advertise their company online.


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