Mad Max Fury Road: movie review

mad max header

I went to see Mad Max Fury Road at a local cinema a few days ago with no experience of watching a Mad Max film before. With that I still enjoyed the film as an action movie and it has been talked a lot about since its release. This film fits the apocalypse traits with settings of harsh environments, gun totting psychos and suited up vehicles that are famous for the Mad Max universe.

The movie story starts off with main character max in a prison run by a group of scavengers and a tyrant. A convoy is sent across a dessert to get fuel. One truck driven my the lead female character Mysteriosa drives away and the film because a all out chase scene. The majority of the movie is action rather then character development, Mad Max for example doesn’t talk much throughout the film and is mostly silent but the fans are expected to already know his backstory. Mysteriosa is more the central character and Max is the fan favorite bad ass he is expected to be.

tom hardy mad max

The action scenes are very interesting and fast paced car chase moments. The cars in the movie are literally designed to look as dangerous as possible. One of the vehicles which was a beetle  covered in spikes looked like a roaming death trap while the trucks where heavily armored as if they where facing tanks. The cars were intense but in a majority of the film they where falling like flies to their own engines exploding as a result of bullets and bombs that had a longer script then the actors. The action scenes where really well done and you would have to give credit to the people doing stunts in this movie as they must have been dealing with a lot of moving vehicles.

Mad Max is a good action movie but it lacks in completely fleshing out its two main characters, however if you did come for the action moments like I did you will be real pleased. I haven’t watched many new action movies in the past few years that really appeal to me or be memorable. Mad Max’s chase scenes are really strong and feels like watching a performer doing stunts on the street. Apart from the avengers there have not been any good movies out this year so if you are looking for something till to keep you amused I would recommend the new Mad Max film.


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