Ant Man: Movie Review

ant man 2

I walked into Ant-Man blind by not watching the trailers and such that could spoil potential things in the film for me. Now I expected since the concept of the film was a human turning very tiny I was expecting to not enjoy Ant-Man because the films concept has been done in many movies before it in the past fifteen years. Films where humans become extremely tiny tend to have very cheesy effects and an equally cheesy story that makes me not want to watch the film anymore and watch something else. Ant-Man compared to those films is a breath of fresh air after a long day stuck in a classroom.

Ant-Mans story is a combination of the superhero movie with a heist movie where a cat burglar named Scott Lang must work with a man named Dr. Hang Pym to pull off heist that can save the world. The film plays through like your average heist film where you have your main characters doing some actions to prepare for the main job. The usual heist films have stuff like sneaking into casinos however in Ant Man scenarios of a more superhero nature are presented. This made the film interesting and fun to watch and got the audience pumped for grand finally the heist itself.

The acting by the cast in Ant Man was well done with the best performances by Paul Rudd who played Scott and the other best performance by Micheal Douglas who played Dr. Hang Pym. Scott Lang compared to other characters in other Marvel movies is really average, what made the character more interesting was how witty the character was and how he was introduced as a man who wants to care for his family. Dr. Hang Pym is that one character who can be poisonous but in a good way as every rude remark he has with someone can get a chuckle out of the audience.

ant man

The special effects and the use of CGI in the film are among the best I have seen from a film in so long. The effects don’t take away any realism from the film. There are ants inserted as special effects in the film but they are very well animated and don’t look like plastic which can be expected. The budget on special effects for the film appears to have been used wisely.

Ant-Man is one of Marvels characters and so there are reference to many other marvel films especially Avengers Age Of Ultron. If you are Marvel fan you would really enjoy Ant Man as there is a lot of jokes in the film that reference other Marvel movies like Ultron.

Ant-Man is very appealing as it feels like a really new film in a time where many studios decide to make sequels or reboots rather than create new story’s. I would give Ant Man a nine out of ten rating for feeling fresh and making a superhero that is minor in marvel comics a major hero for the big screen.


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