D3DGear (Game Recording Software) Review

These days gamer’s are hitting it big with the use of website’s like You-Tube & Twitch to post or stream there best moments in games. All these people would use different types of software to record their game play to get their videos to be the best quality possible. D3DGear is an example of one of these software applications for recording games and I bought it a month ago since I am interested in recording.

I have so far used D3DGear to record about 20 hours of game play footage from various games that include Hearthstone , TF2 , Resident Evil , Garrys Mod, Metal Gear Solid V and the Star Wars Battle-Front beta, First I will get into the interface of the software.

The interface of D3D is pretty simple despite all the features and setting. The settings you can alter include quality of the footage, frames , resolution, audio and other various things in terms of recording. Voice recording is included as long as you have a microphone. The software also include streaming capabilities that are easy to change to due to simplistic design of the interface. To be fare I think people who are very new to this kind of software might be a bit confused with the interface if they are unsure of the meaning of some of the settings but if you know your computers it should be fine.

The streaming is very straightforward if you know what is involved with streaming to websites like twitch. You must have a good internet connection for streaming games so if you are planning to stream be sure of that before buying the software. Apart from streaming and recording of games D3DGear also can measure benchmark and it can also be used to record your desktop. Recording of the desktop is handy if you plan on making videos that involve teaching people how to use computer, programming and how to use other types of software.

So the important question for the gamer’s is how does D3DGear run with games. D3DGear unlike other recording software doesn’t take a lot of resources away from your PC so the main factors are if the hardware on your computer is really good and how optimized is the game your playing. Games like TF2, Heartstone and Garrys Mod record effortlessly due to the low requirements on those games. Metal Gear Solid V and Star Wars Battle-Front beta had about three frames dropped but those games in my opinion ran greatly in my opinion. DayZ and Resident Evil was where there where complications.

DayZ still is not optimized I feel but when I used the D3DGear on the game it dropped by around 20 frames which forced me to bring my settings to low but that did not help much. The Resident Evil game Revelations 2 which was already suffering before I used the recorder crashed during key moments in boss fights. Considering Star Wars Battle-Front was a beta not a finished game I feel it really depends on the game how performance works with the recorder.

The only other problems I found with the recorder is the lack of a face cam setting cause I know a few gamer’s who see that as a deal breaker when getting this software. The last problem I have with this software is the amount of disk space the videos it produces takes up which can be after ten hours of recording over a hundred gigabytes. To edit the video clips for YouTube upload you will have to get a movie making software separate to D3DGear.

Overall D3DGear is a good recording software for playing most video games and offers flexibility to the user. It offers a lot to the user if they are gamer or a fan of messing with computers. If I make later post I might use the recorder to make some video content.


Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer: Yah its fun


My Brother recently got Battlefield Hardline for the PS4 and I had a few goes of the multiplayer for myself. I can confirm its not the mess that was Battlefield 4 over a year ago. BattleField Hardline is a battlefield game where you are playing cops and robbers instead of soldiers and it manages to still be a Micheal Bay movie in multiplayer.

So what makes it good includes the return of some the levolutions which made a change to the environment of the battlefield. However unlike Battlefield 4 I haven’t found a levolution that is really crazy like an entire skyscraper falling down. The gameplay is smooth and even during levolutions does not suffer extreme problems like in the last battlefield game at launch. Thanks to the smoothness of the gameplay gun fights and driving are more enjoyable and allow anybody to play effectively.

The amount of weapons is amazing for a cop game you have all types of rifles, sub-guns, pistols, snipers and even projectiles to make things interesting. Included with your arsenal is grapple hooks to allow you to climb buildings and the like to give you and advantage.

In playing a game online I feel like I had a lot of fun but some things disagree with me like a few maps which tend to be boring in my opinion compared to the maps that are cities. Most of the modes for the game are great while others can be a tad boring but most of the new modes are actually interesting and I would like to see them in Battlefield 5 if it ever comes out.

Evolve: Game Review


I never play many games where hunting is an objective but Evolve was one that I had a lot of interest in and decided to try out on the week it came out. Evolve is a alien hunting game where four players on one team are tasked with hunting down a very powerful monster controlled by another player.

Even though the game is multiplayer only the game does have its own story which can be seen in the extraction mode for the game. The game is set on an alien world where colonist are forced to evacuate due to the presence of carnivorous monsters that are threatening to wipe out the colonist. In the week of the evacuation a crew of twelve hunters are tasked with fighting the monster as the colonist evacuate.

The game play for the game is really fun and feels like your our on the hunt when the game begins if you are the human. As the monster you have to devour other creatures in order to increase your strength and ability’s in order to defeat the hunters and wipe out the colonist base. My favorite thing about this game is the number of classes you can pick from both the hunters and the monster.


There are four types of hunters you can play as which are assault who does damage, support who provides defenses and offensives , medic who heals others and trapper who literally traps the monster. For each type of hunter there are 3 characters each with there own types of weapons and gadgets. Along with the Hunters you can play as the monsters who have there unique ability’s.

There are 3 monsters that can be played as in the game the Goliath who is a walking tank that has immense strength and can breath fire. The Kraken who is a flying creature that is capable of electrical attacks and the Wraith which is a creature both me and my brother who have played the game have failed to beat. The wraith has very unique ability’s based on speed and tricks that make it a deadly opponent. The monster has to consume creatures as an objective so it can evolve into a stronger version of the monster. These are known as stages and there are only three and first stage as the monster is usually the hardest to play as.

The game Performs well with good graphics and no frame rate drops that are noticeable on my PC. When finding a game it can take about a minute or two to find a group of players to play with. The worst thing about the game is that the hunters can easily find the monster within the first one or two minutes into the game. If the player who is the monster has not gotten strong enough in the game the hunters can easily win.

My opinion on evolve is that it is a good shooter with some good mechanics and some enjoyable classes. I would rate the game a eight out of ten because it is really good but the difficulty presented by some overpowered elements in the game make it extremely aggressive for both the hunters and the hunted.

Far Cry 4 (Game Review)

far cry 4

I had been playing it in my spare time for the last month and have been enjoying playing far cry 4 which is the latest open world shooter from Ubisoft. Far Cry 4 lives up to Far Cry 3 in most aspects but it very different in terms of story and the environment in the game.

The game is based in made up country called Kyrat which is in the vicinity of the Himalaya mountains. The country is at civil war between the dictator of the country and rebels. The main character Ajay is travelling to Kyrat to spread his mothers ashes at a town she used to live in. When in Kyrat you are kidnapped by the dictator Pagin Min but are rescued by the rebels in the first level. Your objective is to survive and get your mothers ashes spread while trying to avoid Pagin Mins army.

The game has a lot of weapons to chose from including a harpoon gun and in terms of vehicles you can use a car or elephants as transport. One new aspect I like about the games is the ability to climb mountain using mountain climbing equipment. The other thing I should note is that the game is very graphically beautiful and this impresses at particular moments of the game. I like the dictator Pagin Min he is a good villain for the game and he is very humorous.

What I don’t like is that it is very easy to die from falling in early parts of the game. I don’t like the choice options in the game very much because it seems your are not making the right decision either way, I also dislike the lack of split screen co-op. I would give Far Cry 4 a eight out of ten.

The Evil Within (Game Review)

e w logo

I love playing big survival horror games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dead Space because of the atmosphere in such games , The Evil Within can be added to that list as it does deliver on that atmosphere. The Evil Within is the latest big survival horror game on the market and is the only notable horror game out this year apart from the numerous indie games that have taken over the genre.

Here’s a trailer for the game (warning : might be terrifying for people who don’t like watching scary movies & its for over 18)

In The Evil Within you play a man named Sebastian Castellanos a detective who arrives at a crime scene where he finds fellow officers killed along with the victims. Sebastion is then attacked by a suspect and wakes up somewhere that is not his own world. The games objective from there is to survive the nightmarish threats of the world you find yourself in.

The game is very hard to play in the beginning as you start off with no weapons to defend yourself. The most common enemy you face in the game are possessed people who are armed with all sorts of blades while resembling zombies. In the early levels a player should refrain from combat as much as possible and try to sneak past as many foes as possible. later levels a player will have more weapons and will be required to dispose of foes.

The game looks beautiful with its graphics and the game plays smoothly. The game includes puzzles which vary in difficulty of being easy or difficult. Every puzzle if you fail comes with a very harsh consequence in the form of a trap that will instantly kill you. There are traps you have to deal with outside of puzzles which mainly include bombs and trip wires you have to disarm.

The possessed people even if they are scary looking they don’t really terrify me as much as the bosses which are the games best feature. They make the game scary because they are nearly impossible to beat and can kill you in one it. My favourith boss is the keeper who will come back from the dead if you defeat him with only running being your only option when dealing with him. Other bosses share that characteristic of coming back but he was the most memorable.