Computing in a School Cirriculum

I recently have been reminiscing about my leaving cert in secondary school and am now thinking about how two of my subjects barely apply to what I do now in college which is mainly a computing course. When I was doing my leaving two years ago my school did have a ton of computers in some rooms which was enough to hold two full classes during certain times of the day. If you wanted to learn anything other than Microsoft word you would have to do it yourself when you can in your spare time as a hobby.

In my school you had your three language subject, your three science subjects, your three business subjects. If you where someone who had any interest in computing you where always encouraged to do BIS (business information systems) as the teachers believed that was where the money was with computing. I wished at the time there was one subject that would teach you coding as a few schools during that time other then mine where giving such classes but they where not official. Computing as it was those two years ago was still seen as the weird hobby that was more a nuisance to education rather than a benefit.

At that time however other countries where only starting up with computer classes. As of today its the case that if you don’t have computing as a subject in schools you are not preparing students for the working world, your giving them a handicap against the other students they will be competing against for work. Currently many schools in the country feel the need to have computing as a subject after groups such as CoderDojo appeared presenting students with very unique skill sets. The education department have as of recently decided to include a new subject for the junior cert that will get students working on how to do task like coding to break them into the world of computing.

As a computing student I can see this being a success and a good way to encourage students. It will make it easier for students to consider a computing course when entering college. This was a problem cause a student had insecurities when entering the computing course when thinking about could they actually do what the course ask. The only problem with this introduction however is that it is not only a trial which means it is prone to changes and it will only be provided to a small number of schools in the country. In time hopefully all schools in the country will include it and in more time as a leaving cert subject.



Dublin Comic Con 2015: My Experience

I enjoy going to Dublin every now and then for a day trip, I always make sure one of these trips is to the Comic Con convention. I have been going to these conventions for three years now and I always have a blast when ever I attend this year being no exception.

The Comic Con in Dublin is one of few events of its kind held in Ireland. Last year and the year before it was held in Swords near the airport in Dublin. To get to Swords me and my friends would have to take a four hour bus trip followed by a 1 hour walk to get to the convention. This time the convention was held in the convention centre near the center of Dublin city by the river, this location was much easier to access than swords and it catered for more people.

The story of the day of my attendance begins with a alarm not going off and a slice of toast followed by many a trip by train. As we got off the train we walked the streets of Dublin by the river until we saw a some Doctor Who’s and daft punk confirming that we where close to our destination. As we approached the convention centre people became more numerous and where in amazing costumes.

The sight of the the convention centre was immense as it was a large building. The sight of the building was more exiting with the numerous amount of people outside socializing, dressed up and taking photos. The line to get in wasn’t that long and only took about 5 minutes to get through as the staff where very organised. We had to go in a side door to access the building as the front door can only be used by people with bands on who have given a ticket.

When inside there was a atmosphere of excitement as me and my friend’s roamed the ground floor which was filled with other attendees and many various stands, props and sets. The stands included those that distributed comic books where I bought myself a couple of issues of “Hawkeye Vs Deadpool” which I couldn’t find at my local comic store near home. I looked for other comics such as issues six to twelve of “The New 52” story “Futures End” but failed to find it.

In other stands the many interesting items such as clothing, bags, action figures and decorations. I got myself a couple of posters at this one stand so that was that. As I went along the ground floor I saw many set and displays which featured props, people in costume and photo opportunities. One of the sets was a recreation of a futuristic door from a video game series known as fallout a friend of mine who had been playing the game that week should get a photo with it. The where many interesting sets like it on the ground floor which included a zombie cage with actual people dressed as zombies and a set featuring people dressed the Predator from the film series.

On the second floor of the convention there where stands for local artist who where showing off and selling their works. The artist had some great talent as their work was indeed amazing. Among the stands where books as well which were being promoted by the authors who wrote them. I got to talk to these pair of authors who where promoting their book “Cult Fiction”. The two authors seemed very passionate about their book and I have just been after reading “Battle Royale” a few days before so I got a copy of their book cause the story seemed interesting.

On the same floor where the guest of Comic Con which included actors and various comic writers and artist. The year before when I went to the convention in swords I took two hours to get through a line to meet a guess. This years convention was so organised that I had to only wait twenty minutes in a line to see Michael Rooker who would of been the most busy of the guest at the convention for playing a role in “The Walking Dead” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, Rooker was a very cool person to meet as I am a major fan of “The Walking Dead”. I wanted to meet the other guest such as Billy West but by the time me and my friends came back from lunch most of them where at photo opportunities or in the hall giving a Q&A.

I also attended the “End Of The World Carnival” at the convention which was held in support of Child-Line. I didn’t participate in many of the games only the raffle but I thought what they had done with it was amazing none the less. Near the end of the convention I did some last minuter shopping on the ground floor for two relatives and witnessed a portion of the Cosplay competition. There where many amazing hand made costumes but the best where in my opinion this one lad dressed as batman from the the Nolan trilogy and this one Guy dressed as Yondu from “Gaurdians Of The Galaxy” where the winners in my opinion. I love to see how things can be topped next years convention.