D3DGear (Game Recording Software) Review

These days gamer’s are hitting it big with the use of website’s like You-Tube & Twitch to post or stream there best moments in games. All these people would use different types of software to record their game play to get their videos to be the best quality possible. D3DGear is an example of one of these software applications for recording games and I bought it a month ago since I am interested in recording.

I have so far used D3DGear to record about 20 hours of game play footage from various games that include Hearthstone , TF2 , Resident Evil , Garrys Mod, Metal Gear Solid V and the Star Wars Battle-Front beta, First I will get into the interface of the software.

The interface of D3D is pretty simple despite all the features and setting. The settings you can alter include quality of the footage, frames , resolution, audio and other various things in terms of recording. Voice recording is included as long as you have a microphone. The software also include streaming capabilities that are easy to change to due to simplistic design of the interface. To be fare I think people who are very new to this kind of software might be a bit confused with the interface if they are unsure of the meaning of some of the settings but if you know your computers it should be fine.

The streaming is very straightforward if you know what is involved with streaming to websites like twitch. You must have a good internet connection for streaming games so if you are planning to stream be sure of that before buying the software. Apart from streaming and recording of games D3DGear also can measure benchmark and it can also be used to record your desktop. Recording of the desktop is handy if you plan on making videos that involve teaching people how to use computer, programming and how to use other types of software.

So the important question for the gamer’s is how does D3DGear run with games. D3DGear unlike other recording software doesn’t take a lot of resources away from your PC so the main factors are if the hardware on your computer is really good and how optimized is the game your playing. Games like TF2, Heartstone and Garrys Mod record effortlessly due to the low requirements on those games. Metal Gear Solid V and Star Wars Battle-Front beta had about three frames dropped but those games in my opinion ran greatly in my opinion. DayZ and Resident Evil was where there where complications.

DayZ still is not optimized I feel but when I used the D3DGear on the game it dropped by around 20 frames which forced me to bring my settings to low but that did not help much. The Resident Evil game Revelations 2 which was already suffering before I used the recorder crashed during key moments in boss fights. Considering Star Wars Battle-Front was a beta not a finished game I feel it really depends on the game how performance works with the recorder.

The only other problems I found with the recorder is the lack of a face cam setting cause I know a few gamer’s who see that as a deal breaker when getting this software. The last problem I have with this software is the amount of disk space the videos it produces takes up which can be after ten hours of recording over a hundred gigabytes. To edit the video clips for YouTube upload you will have to get a movie making software separate to D3DGear.

Overall D3DGear is a good recording software for playing most video games and offers flexibility to the user. It offers a lot to the user if they are gamer or a fan of messing with computers. If I make later post I might use the recorder to make some video content.